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Legal support following a death

After a death many people are upset and vulnerable and need professional advice to sort out the deceased’s affairs and professional assistance to sort out all the formalities and paperwork. Usually there is a Will which requires to be put into effect, often there is not. Sometimes executors need to be appointed, assets need to be investigated and valued and there may be dealings with the Inland Revenue re Inheritance Tax.

At Wink & Mackenzie we are always happy to chat matters over with the executors or next of kin and explain exactly what is required. Let us take away from you any concerns or worries you may have at what is a very difficult time and let us use our many years of experience to sort out matters promptly and efficiently. Beneficiaries in receipt of inheritances may be looking for financial advice and we can refer you to a financial advisor.

Contact us first for an informal chat or call us on 01343 542623 or email