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Powers of Attorney

Arrange your Power of Attorney

Our solicitors in Elgin, Moray regularly advise and prepare various types of Power of Attorney. This is a document that empowers someone else to act on your behalf for a particular reason or purpose. The Power of Attorney lists the names of the people you want to help you (also known as attorneys) and exactly what individual powers they have.

You can appoint anyone to be a power of attorney, as long as they are over the age of 16. These can be family members, close friends, solicitors, accountants or anyone else that you trust.

Documents can range from a simple Power of Attorney for a specific reason (i.e. spouse in favour of spouse in connection with signing documents in a house sale) or setting up a registered Continuing and Welfare Power of Attorney with the Office of The Public Guardian, which is frequently associated with the more elderly or infirm, but in actual fact can be a very useful document for a wide variety of clients. We can tailor your Power of Attorney to meet your specific needs.

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