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Wills & Trusts

Get help making your Will

Nobody should argue with the fact that everyone should make a Will. Your will is an extremely important document that determines what happens to your money, property and other assets after your death. You should consider reviewing your Will every five years or so, or after a major life event such as getting married, having a child or moving house.

At Wink & Mackenzie we offer our clients personal expert advice on how best to arrange their affairs to ensure that all the “loose ends” are tied up legally and everyone receives exactly what you expect them to.

You may wish to provide for continuing care for an elderly relative, place funds in trust for young children or beneficiaries who do not have capacity or you may wish to appoint guardians for your children. Not everyone’s personal circumstances are the same and we will advise on how best to achieve exactly what you want to when it comes to providing for family, friends or even charitable organisations.

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